hydrogeology SERVICES

A complete range of hydrogeological services are provided by Hydrometrics for groundwater development, environmental baseline studies and for investigation and remediation of contaminated groundwater. Our experience ranges from basin-wide groundwater investigations to siting and construction of individual wells. Our experience with groundwater investigations includes over 100 sites having contamination problems with metals, arsenic, petroleum products, pesticides, PCBs, solvents, cyanide and a variety of other organic and inorganic compounds. These investigations have been conducted at abandoned mine sites, oil refineries, smelters, railroad facilities, pipelines, manufacturing sites and waste contaminant facilities. A number of these sites are CERCLA/RCRA (Superfund) sites.

Hydrometrics provides support to clients to serve their needs in cost-effective and timely programs of water development and resource management. Our hydrologists, geochemists, civil and environmental engineers are committed to assisting clients in solving today’s and preventing tomorrow’s groundwater problems.